Monday, 3 December 2012

Leggy Panda

Hi This is Leggy Panda
Yesterday Sunday 2nd December 2012 he went missing somewhere around West India Docks near the Museum of Docklands.
My little man loves him
Please can you pass this round & share this as we would really love him back

Thank you

Monday, 7 March 2011


So it's been ages since I last blogged. But now I've found the blogger app for my android phone all should be good.
I've started painting so concentrating on that a bit and being a good wife.
Also we now have kigurumis which are amazing for my birthday I got an Elmo one.
Ok will post more later today

Monday, 22 February 2010


So christmas was interesting and well I got some rubbish presents.
New Year was Pandamonium which was fun, though Pie's friends were very weird and not nice.
So it's been on wards and up wards the new job is going well a long as I don't kill thye accounts they are so bad.
Married life is good though I got a rather rubbish valentine present from my husband. But mostly just trying to chill and flat hunting is my life. Got a flat to see on thursday fingers crossed
I'm going to make real mash this week for the first time and I might start making a lot more home cooked meals as we brought a bake dish for 2.

Oh well not much more to say I'll try and update a bit more regularly.

Friday, 18 December 2009


Well it's christmas time we even have a tree and it's real my husband really wanted one so we went and got one. I hate christmas it's always so rubbish.
But something great happen yesterday we were walking along great portland street trying to deiceied what to do that evening and then this women came up to us and gave us a pair of free tickets to see Sherlock Holmes it was great I've wanted to see the film since it was announced and been not spending to go see it. So we hot footed it to Leicester square and saw the movie at the press screening. It's great fantastic really enjoyable if a little predictable the pace was great Guy Richie back on top form. A must see movie of 2009.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Catch up

Goodness me I'm rather bad at this but well been fairly busy.
I have a new job part time working as a bookkeeper it's for a friends company and after my first week i think it's going to be great. Yay at last a job i want to do and is fun.

I got married last month in Las Vegas it was amazing, we didn't stop laughing from start to finish. Elvis performed the cerimony and it was classic.

We went to the Grand Cannion on a helicopter too but i don't have the video at the moment. But will do soon so will post it for pictures look at my flikr.

It was the most amazing thing, we went to the skywalk as well I'd really recommend it. Though it was our wedding present from all our skate friends.

There isn't much of a skate scene in Vegas though we did go to Christian roller disco, which is basically roller disco with gospel music and some pop stuff that has a Christian slant on it.

I know this is all over the place but I keep remebering things in different order so just writing as i go.

We also had a blessing and party when we got back which was intersting. The preist fell asleep, forgot my husbands name, though it was written in front of him, and then did a sermon on procreation, yet again I was in fits of laughter though my husband did not find this service as jolly. We had a great party, lots of fun and lots of drinking by the guests.

As Christmas approaches we have now decided to go to my families after some time trying to decide though no it's about trying to find somewhere to stay for the night as it's two days.

My husband really wanted a christmas tree for our tiny flat so we now have a two foot real tree on the kitchen table. We brought lights and a fairy so all is good.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Busy Busy

It's been a busy time and lots has happend.
We had the circus skate for Laura's birthday which was good fun apart from the hill in Richmond Park and no-one to push me up it. I was then convinced that skating back to hyde park with the music bike would be a good idea. Though the song with the women having the orgasm out side a church was funny so i did 20miles in a day on london roads.
Monday involved going to see the Priest for the blessing. Very strange and little memory it would seem that was 1hr1/2. Then dinner with more of my family for Dan to meet, not sure about what he thought, but you can't pick your family.
I was ill for the rest of the week but for some reason went into work. Had a 4hr meeting with what can we do to make you stay. I'm still leaving.
Wednesday saw Londonskate it was huge and we didn't lose many people off the back or have too much trouble and Geoff made some fab cakes half time.
So the weekend just gone saturdaywent to brighton for Skatefresh's 10th birthday. I got there early as Dan was doing fnrttc. Did a little shopping for some new hoddies. We had a small street skate along the seafront to Hove and back. Then we partied a little inpromto roller disco, along with watching my silly friends go in the sea. Got sunburnt but had a fantastic day.
Sunday was Goodwood 26.6 miles round a wind swept track Dan came 5th overall and 4th in the mens. Ther was some falls though along with a broken collar bone. I completeed it in which i'm really happy with as i want to do it in less than 2.30.
There was a downside i crashed the front wing of my car on a wooden post, so we have spent yeatserday getting a new wing off ebay finding somewhere to get it painted and trying to workout how we are going to fix it.
I have also been ill this week which is not good and am writing this while in bed not very well, doctor says it's something viral rest and fluids so i'm going into work this afternoon for a meeting.